Why is our Original apron so special?

Risdon and Risdon apron details rivets buckles leather

The Design

Before these aprons, nothing existed to fulfill the requirements of a superior choice of apron.

Our aim has always been to produce something that has style and practicality, delivered with the finest materials. They are unique in their features and are built to last.

The durability and design of our aprons makes them an outstanding item.

It is for these reasons that we give our aprons a Lifetime Guarantee.

The Leather

The fine quality leather straps are essential components in our aprons.

The leather is chosen for its strength, but it has to feel comfortable to wear, it has to feel good sitting on the neck, it needs to be soft enough to easily be adjustable and the colour has to sit well with the fabrics. The leather we use is a 3mm vegetable tanned full grain leather - it has a beautiful smooth finish with a wonderful depth of colour, it fulfills all its demands and will age beautifully.

risdon and risdon pull up leather straps with sam browne studs and nickel plated brass bridal clasps

risdon and risdon bridal clasp with pull up leather

The Fabric

The choice of fabric is crucial in making an apron that protects the wearer but is also extremely comfortable to wear.

We have carefully selected a canvas with a robust cotton texture and a strong weave. A mill on the east coast of America has been making durable plain woven cloth since 1860 and was exactly right for our purposes. We import it on the roll and transform it into heirloom piece aprons in our Shropshire workshop. 

We found the perfect premium denim at the Cone Mills factory. Founded in 1905 this long established company has been supplying Levi's for decades. The denim we use is a super tough 12oz weight.

The Wash

After it arrives the canvas fabric is cut from the roll into panels. The panels need individually edging to ensure they cope with the rigorous washing process - this pre-shrinks the canvas, desizes it and gives it a unique rich, worn-in feel and appearance. The panels are then pressed ready to be made up into aprons. We believe this extra attention to detail is important so that from the first day it is worn it feels perfect.

The Cutting and Patterning

Each apron is cut out by hand. We don't just make one size of apron, we understand that people come in many different shapes and sizes. Our short aprons are also shorter in the body so that they have a better fit at the waist, likewise our longer length is adjusted for the taller wearer. The lap pockets are designed to be deep enough to keep all those bit and pieces to hand, whilst also being comfortable enough to use just as pockets. We know that sometimes it's best to keep different things in different places that's why we added a very useful bib pocket with two different sections. Plus....our hidden bib pocket...a little pocket which sits on the inside of the apron.

At the points where the leather straps are attached we sew in an extra piece of fabric to reinforce the corner - these areas are where the apron takes the stresses of movement. To enable free and easy wear, whilst keeping the straps securing attached, it is vital that there aren't any weak areas.

The Stitching 

A chain is only as strong as its weakest link.

An item of workwear that is going to be as much of your tool kit as your tools, that is going to have to cope with the demands of the job, needs to be strong. The sewing thread we use is corespun - a strong internal single polyester thread, with outer dual cotton threads wrapped round it. This type of thread is up to 50% stronger than conventional threads. We sew two rows of this stitching around each pocket to make sure they are equipped to take many years of repeated use.

The Riveting

We hand rivet each of the corners of the front pockets with our branded antique finish brass rivets. In 1873 Levi's were the first company to rivet their jeans' pockets to make them the strongest available - riveted pockets are far superior in strength. 

The Metalware

Our buckles, clip hooks and studs are all made from nickel-plated brass, made in a small foundry in the heart of England. The Walsall foundry has been producing castings since 1832 and holds a Royal Warrant of Appointment. Our screwpost rivets are made of corrosion resistant nickel and are manufactured in England.

The Finished Apron

Our name is on these aprons...twice! We have made them with pride and spent hours in their production. We want the person who will eventually come to wear it to be as proud of it as we are. 


Risdon and Risdon detail shot leather rivets buckles embossed logo canvas Shropshire green