Can I wash my apron?

Yes our aprons are designed to be as practical as possible. That's why we make sure our leather straps are removeable. The leather straps need to be removed prior to washing - using a flat-head screwdriver remove the screw post rivets that hold the leather straps on. Keep the straps and rivets aside. The fabric part of the apron can then be machine washed at up to 60° in a normal cycle and tumble dried on a medium heat setting.

Can I wash the apron and leave the leather straps on?

We don't recommend leaving the leather straps on to wash . If they need a clean it is better to wipe the area with a damp cloth and if necessary some mild soap. Avoid rubbing the leather.

My apron has the leather along the bottom, can I put it in the washing machine?

Yes we have tested our leather trimmed aprons and washed them at 50° in a normal cycle (always remove the leather straps - see above for standard apron). Never apply washing detergent directly to the leather use a suitable detergent which either goes in the washing machine drawer or is in capsule form which sits in the bottom of the drum under the washing. After washing do not dry next to direct heat or in direct sunlight. During the drying time gently pull the leather back into shape in both directions. Leather will last for many years if treated with care, so whilst the leather can be washed in the machine it is advisable to do so infrequently. Over time the leather will start to dull, applying a leather wax treatment or polish will bring back the lustre.

Will my apron shrink if I wash it?

No. When the cotton canvas and denim arrives at our workshop we pre-wash it using a special wash treatment to give it an already worn in feel and to make sure any shrinkage happens before it gets to you.