We love our beautiful planet!

We do everything we can to play our part in looking after it.

We think it's important as a business to share our green credentials so that our customers know we have the planet's interests at heart.


We make products that are built to last. By sourcing the best quality components it is intended that everything we make will be around for a very long time. This is backed up by our Free Repairs for Life Service.


A lot of research goes in to making sure we know where all our materials come from and that our suppliers share our responsible beliefs.

Zero waste

We aim to use every scrap of everything we buy. If fabric or leather off-cuts are too small to be of use to us, a lovely chap called Roy comes along from Scrappies in Church Stretton, England to take it for others to use.


Getting to work

Out of the 7 people who regularly come to Risdon & Risdon HQ to work 5 walk, one uses public transport and one cycles.


We use brown paper and recyclable cardboard for our packaging. For Trade orders we use starch based compostable bags.



Any boxes or packaging that come to us are either recycled or reused.


We bank with Triodos who are by far the most ethical bank.

Reduce energy

We opt for low energy appliances and settings.


Our cleaning products are all environmentally friendly, and no single use items are used.