Aprons can be so romantic!!

We often sell aprons in pairs…his and hers, hers and hers, his and his!
How romantic to share a passion or time spent cooking your favourite meal together.
Or what a fantastic gift as a wedding present.
Our aprons are also perfect for traditional wedding anniversary gifts:
- 2 years - Cotton is an interwoven material that reflects how marriage brings a couple closer together. This material is also flexible but strong and symbolises that, after two years of marriage, the couple have adapted to each other and become stronger for it.
- 3 years – Leather for its durable, flexible and warming properties. These characteristics are said to represent this stage of marriage, symbolising the strength and safety married couples give to each other.
Here is daughter Amber and son-in-law Patrick at a photo call we did at Tanner’s Wine Cellar in Shrewsbury. So cute!