Street Apron with Cork Straps

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For those who prefer a vegan choice we have sourced some amazing cork for our straps.

Our products are built to last using the finest materials. The tough 10oz cotton canvas is soft but extremely durable, the metal fittings are produced in a British foundry that has a Royal Warrant and the cork is flexible and robust.

Our cork comes from centuries old forests in Portugal where cork harvesting is a skill passed down through families and supports a village community.  Cork is extremely sustainable, the bark is peeled away and then the cork is carefully extracted by very highly skilled harvesters. The trees are in no way damaged – the cork is naturally renewable and grows back after nine years – preserving the forest in it’s pristine entirety, and enabling perpetual harvesting with no damage to the forest or ecosystem.

With the change to metal screw caps for wine bottles the cork industry is starting to struggle and the people who rely on it for their livelihood need our support.

Please enquire about cork options for our other products.